Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The first time he sang for me.

Hey guys, here we go

I just wanted to say that this was the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me, he made me the happiest girl on earth, even if I was so shy at the moment. He is so cute and I am so glad I found him. This song is how all started, this is the start of the most amazing thing in my life.
Thank you for everything you're doing for me, you deal with me, you tolerate me, you stay by my side during good and bad days. I love you to death Elliot, you are so far away now, but yet so close to me. You are the best par of me, you make my days, your my lighr at the end of the tunnel. You are my bestfriend and my boyfriend. You are my world. Thank you for being with me. I love you and  I can't wait to see you ❤️


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