Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our love in a bottle

Hey people ^.^
I just wanted to talk about mine and Giorgias relationship, and how it has been through some pretty rough times as well as some great times. It is a special bond that I never expected. You can even say it was life changing for us. Giorgia had it rough when I first met her, she was going through some deep stuff in her life, she was a closed book. It some took time and patience to get her pages to turn and read who she was. She was a broken, beautiful piece of art that I wanted to fix. I did my best to be there for her and be the best I could be for her. When that relationship formed it was like we felt each other, we cared for eachother, even before we said we loved each other, we felt that there was something there, because we were and are there for each other. When I was in a bad place I had My Italian (Giorgia) to be there for me. I'm so thankful. It showed me that some else can care and love too. It brought out the best of what we can be. It showed us the best we can do. It's that type of love that you never want to die out. That you wish you can keep in a bottle and always have it there whenever you need it. Even when times can be bad, it's something that you want to work through because the good times and that special person is worth working through it.

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