Saturday, June 20, 2015

About us.

My name is Giorgia, I'm from Italy, between Alessandria and Genova and I'm gonna be 18 on August 17th.
His name is Elliot, he's from Usa and he's gonna be 18 on December the 18th.
Both of us are gonna write this blog, the writer is gonna sign at end of each, sometime we will probably write some posts together, during a skype call.

We have been together since January the 17th, we started talking during Christmas break but he left me to go to Texas, he was already ready to be away from he, huh?
I left Georgia on June the 6th and we are gonna see each other again around December the 17th, for around a month. He will come to Italy, he will be staying in my house and we will go to Rome for his birthday and New years eve. We got 179 days to go. Then i won a contest so I have a free ticket to go to Usa during summer 2016, so we are gonna be together again. After that we will be done with school and I am gonna move wherever he will go to college. That's our plan, and I believe that if we are gonna work hard, we will make it.
I love him, he is the best thing ever happened to me and I am so glad we are together also if not phisically right now.

Why did we decide to make a blog?

To have something to share, something "Ours", to make people know that real love does exist, to show that long distance relationships do work out, because one day we will be together, and we won't have to worry about being so far away. I do believe in it, so if you that you're reading this post, I believe in your lond distance relationship, if you're in one, if you are decidind if you should get in one or break up with him/her because one of you two is leaving, well I say, if you do love this person, you should try, yes it's gonna be hard, it's not gonna be easy, but love is stronger than distance, and one day you will be with your love, you just gotta wait. If you don't believe in this kind of relationship, I respect your point of view, I used not believe in it too, but he made me change my mind, but by the way, just don't read this blog. So coming back to the point I proposed him to make this blog to have something to share with him, and with the world.

This is a crappy post, but I hope you'll like it, it's gonna be better, this is just the presentation. Have a good day y'all, Giorgia.

When bae won the school talent show.<3

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