Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How we started dating

 Hello everyone.
I wanted to talk about how me and Elliot met, how we started dating, and just a little about our story.
Me, my two host sisters, Elliot an other two boys used to sit at the same lunch table, one day he sit near me and started asking me a lot of questions about Italy and music, but I still remember the weirdest one: "So do you like big shoes?" lmao.
The same day in Drama we were messing with each other, he was making me mad tho ahah.
With time we started to be friends, I don't even remember how we started to sit near in Drama, and it took time for me to realize I was falling in love with him, I think because it was a lot of little things all together. I think I was scared too, because I knew I would have left in June.

December the 19th
The day before he told me that I had to go to school because he needed to give me my Christmas present, so also if I could have stayed at home, I decided to go.. But guess what?! He did not come to school! So I texted him all mad and he told me he was sick and he was coming during lunch to give me the present. He came and we spent a little time together, the funny thing is like how my two friends Brianna and Courtney have been joking about me and him being together for a lot. After school he was telling me that he really liked my present which it was a frame with our picture and a beanie, then we have been snapachatting for a while and he asked me "So I didn't get my kiss", because he has been asking me for a week a kiss as Christmas present.. So this was pretty much the conversation:

E: So I didn't get my kiss
G: You didn't come to school.
E: Are you saying you would have kissed me?
G: Yeah I guess
G: I think I like you.
E: I think I'm liking you too.


So we started to see each other when he came back from Texas, and with time we got so close.. We got together during my Pizza Party (I'm such an italian), he made pizza with me and it was so funny because he had not clue about how to make the dough, then he cleaned all the mess, he's such a cutie, Mr Cleaner. :P
 I don't think I have ever be so close to anyone in my life, he changed me in a way I couldn't think it was possible. We have experienced a lot together, we changed each other, we grown up together, we just spent 5 months together and got ready to spend 6 months apart, but I know we will make it, we will end this distance, I love him too much to let him go. I have never been with someone who was my friend before, he is my first, but this is just one of the lots of things where he is my first. He is the best thing ever happened to him and I wouldn't trade him with the world <3

Next time I wanna show you the video of him singing me a song for the first time, it was the cutest thing ever, have a good day and be strong guys, Giorgia.

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